Useful Supplementary Technical Information

Item Description Size Date Notes
CAN024 Using the Crop copy function of SmartWorks Pro 398 KB 2014-02-03
CAN023 Twain for SC Series scanners 248 KB 2013-10-22
CAN022 Scanning to PDF/A format 793 KB 2014-03-18
CAN021 Windows Printing to Epson SC-T Series printers 282 KB 2013-04-11
CAN020 SmartWorks Pro Scan Logger (zip) 419 KB 2013-03-25
CAN019 Guidelines for Using SmartLF Gx+ Autodeskew (revised) 409 KB 2013-08-08
CAN018 Printing and Copying with Colortrac Apps 280 KB 2012-10-24
CAN017 Windows Driver Paper Size Guidance 217 KB 2012-07-26
CAN016 SmartLF Compatibility Guidance Notes 284 KB 2012-06-14
CAN015 Activating SmartWorks
EZ Touch Plus
172 KB 2012-06-14
CAN014 Password Maintenance – SmartWorks EZ Touch Plus 300 KB 2012-06-14
CAN013 Dos and Don’ts with USB3 (SC Series) 291 KB 2013-11-12
CAN011 SmartWorks Pro Profile Locations for Win7 308 KB 2012-06-14
CAN010 Moving ICC Profiles from CopySmart to SmartWorks Pro 454 KB 2012-06-14
CAN08 Firmware and Driver Changes for SmartLF Gx+ and Ci 178 KB 2010-08-13
CAN07 SmartLF Document Carrier Datasheet US/EURO 293 KB 2010-03-01
CAN06 Removing Shipment Tape – Ci 40 141 KB 2009-08-14
CAN04 Profiling with CopySmart Release 14I6 193 KB 2009-07-28
CAN03 Autosize Operation – Gx+ and Ci 21 KB 2009-07-28
CAN02 SmartLF Gx+ Thick Media Operation 264 KB 2009-08-14
CAN01 SmartLF Ethernet and Subnets 405 KB 2009-07-28

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