Colortrac provides a wide range of large format scanners for A0/Arch E-size documents.

The right choice for you depends on what type of documents you need to scan – and how many.

A0 CCD scanners for artwork, photographs, graphics and thick media (up to 15 mm):

A0 CIS scanners for maps, GIS, blueprints, drawings and archiving:

A0 portable CIS scanner for occasional scanning needs:

If you need an E-size or A0 scanner we recommend the Colortrac SmartLF SCi E-size / A0 scanner ranges.

Large format CCD and CIS scanners for A0/Arch E-size document types

All of the Colortrac large format scanners above scans documents up to A0/Arch E-size, and our CCD scanner even scans documents up to 15 mm thick.

If you are mainly scanning and cleaning up folded or crumbled, maybe even old, documents to save them digitally for the future – then a large format CIS scanner would normally be the best choice for you. However, if you are reproducing art pieces to match the exact colors of the originals, you should check out our large format CCD scanner.

Large format scanning software

All SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi scanners include SmartWorks Touch software. All the functionality you need provided via an easy to use single touchscreen interface.

Our optional software SmartWorks Imaging is developed for professional scanner users who want total control over the scanning process and the best results possible whatever the quality of the original.

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Get in contact, if you have a specific question about Colortrac’s A0/Arch E-size large format scanners, or scanning in general: