If you need an E size or A0 scanner we recommend the Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress E size / A0 scanner ranges.

SmartLF SC 36 Xpress & SC 42 Xpress, A0 scanner range

The SmartLF SC  Xpress36 and SC 42 Xpress E size / A0 scanner ranges incorporate the NEW SingleSensor imaging technology, giving outstanding image clarity and color accuracy.  Ideal for scanning technical documents and maps – any document with fine image details and lines, or complex color GIS / Maps, giving outstanding image clarity and color accuracy..SmartLF SC 36 on Floor Stand

Both the SC 36 Xpress and SC 42 Xpress E size / A0 scanner range accepts documents up to to 0.08″ / 2mm thick.

The SC 36 Xpress will scan documents up to 38″ / 96.5cm wide and has an imaging width of 36″ / 91.4cm.
The SC 42 Xpress will scan documents up to 44″ / 111.8cm wide and has an imaging width of 42″ / 106.7cm.

More information about SC 36  Xpress E / A0 scanners

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SmartLF SG, A0 scanner range

SmartLF SG scanners have all the advantages of CCD technology’s superior color imaging – the ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colours) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) – combined with 1200 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in the market today. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colors for graphics professionals as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.

The SmartLF SG accepts flexible and rigid documents up to 44″ wide and 0.6″ (15mm) thick.

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