Which scanner is right for me?

Three ranges, endless possibilities

SmartLF SGi, SmartLF SCi or SmartLF Scan! ?

All Colortrac scanners are powerful and accurate. But which one is the right one for you?


Old, damaged, fragile documents are hard to scan with accuracy. You need to ensure you don’t damage them and that you can pick out detail which might be faded or discolored.

SmartLF SCi has a unique SureDrive system which gently moves the most delicate media through the scanner.

Combine the SmartLF SCi with SmartWorks Imaging software to clean up the oldest or most damaged document. Bring to life the faded lines, text or images while hiding the discolored background.

Archiving with Colortrac solutions guarantees the highest scan quality and the fastest speed.

SmartLF SCi

Bureau / Copy Shop

Time is money. Flexibility is key. Will the next job be an old, damaged document, super wide, or thick media? Whichever, you need to complete it quickly and accurately.

SmartLF SGi gives accuracy, clear fine lines and superb colour detail. The total package. With the fastest thick media management on the market, it makes fast work of the toughest jobs.

SmartLF SGi

Engineer / CAD Operator

Accuracy is everything. For no distortion, whatever the image size, choose the SmartLF SCi.

Fast and detailed, at up to 1200 dpi.

Exceptional image quality every time thanks to our patented SingleSensor technology that ensures your image is crease and shadow free whatever the condition of the original.

SmartLF SCi

GIS Professional

You need accurate, deep color with precise detail. Older and damaged images may require clean-up so the digital image is really clear.

Depending on your demands, you may need the SmartLF SGi or the SmartLF SCi.

  • SmartLF SGi uses specialist camera lenses to provide exceptional colour capture and will scan media up to 0.6in (15mm) thick.
  • SmartLF SCi provides accurate scans at super-fast speed.
Higher Demand: SmartLF SGi Lower Demand: SmartLF SCi

Graphics professional

For artwork, photographs or satellite images you need brilliant color with excellent highlight and shadow details. Flexibility to easily scan thin or thick media is key.

That’s why the SmartLF SGi is ideal for graphics professionals. You get ultra high-quality scans, thanks to the same CCD sensor technology used in professional quality cameras. And true-to-life dark and light tones make your images come alive. SmartLF SGi even handles documents mounted on boards up to 15 mm thick.

Count on the highest quality scans for all your document types. With the SmartLF SGi, reproductions are right the first time. Every time.


SmartLF SGi

Portable scanning

You are busy. Always on the go.

SmartLF Scan! is designed for you.

Small and light so easy take with you on site for instant collaboration.

Internal memory allows the scanner to work like a digital camera. Bring it to meetings or on site, discuss and amend plans then scan them in. Leave the original and take the digital copy with you. SmartLF Scan! allows everyone to keep on top of the project. Saving time. Saving money.

SmartLF Scan!

Scanning for your live project

You may be an architect, project manager, facility manager, building owner, county clerk, recorder of deeds or have another role which requires use of wide format scans in your current project.

You need a no-nonsense scanner to support your work. Take clear and accurate scans for email and collaboration, or to allow editing electronically.

Project delays cost money. You need a scanner which is easy to use and allows you to keep your project on track.

Easy to use with no software, SmartLF Scan! is designed for live project documents.

SmartLF Scan!