For monochrome and grayscale only scanning we recommend you choose one of the Colortrac SmartLF ‘m’ models. Colortrac monochrome/grayscale scanners are perfect for scanning technical documents like engineering and architectural drawings to create high quality digital copies. The SmartLF wide format scanner range offers sharp high speed black and white and grayscale reproductions utilising the latest SingleSensor or CCD technology to create high resolution bitonal images up to an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.

Colortrac monochrome scanners produce panchromatic grayscale in which the shades of gray closely follow the intensities of an equivalent color scan. This produces a much more natural result than scanning with a single color channel, a practice still used by some scanner manufacturers. DNA (Dynamic Normalisation Application ) is a Colortrac technique used to set the dark and light levels vital for good grayscale response. If scans need to be bitonal (simply black or white) then the Colortrac ‘basic’ and ‘adaptive’ thresholding techniques will ensure all drawing details can be captured within the smallest possible scan file size.

If at a later stage it is decided a color scanner is required then an ‘m’ scanner can easily be upgraded to a color model using email. Just contact Colortrac for details. There is no need for a service engineer to call and the process only takes a few minutes.