“Large format scanning is about more than just pushing a piece of paper though the scanner. It is about how to get a fragile drawing through when it has been curled up for 10 or 20 years.”

Alan Darbyshire, Colortrac SmartLF large format scanner user.

SmartLF scanners look after your documents

Colortrac SmartLF wide format scanners have special transport systems that apply only gentle pressure to the document while achieving the required traction and accuracy to ensure that images are sharp and shadow free. SmartLF large format scanners are also carefully designed to avoid mechanisms where a document might snag or disappear under the rollers.

Scan delicate documents once, and only once

Colortrac’s “scan-once” technology means your document need only ever pass through the scanner once. If you accidentally scan with the wrong settings, you can adjust them in real time after the fact – there is never any need to rescan the document.

Other large format scanners would require a re-scan, or require you to use a “rocker mode” in order to select the correct settings, moving the document back and forth through the scanner many times and subjecting it to wear and a greater likelihood of damage.

Quickly restore dirty documents

With Colortrac software you can clean up your dirty documents quickly and easily.

Threshold values which remove darker backgrounds and bring out faded areas can be set before a scan or updated afterwards. With Colortrac, potentially damaging pre-scans are never required. This allows you to safely bring out the best in your image, whatever the original.

Even folded documents scan sharp and shadow free

Bright illumination systems and advanced paper transport that smooth folded and wrinkled documents mean that Colortrac SmartLF wide format scanners capture all documents sharply and shadow free.

In addition, camera scanners (also known as CCD scanners) potentially suffer from sideways stitch errors if a fold in a document coincides with the join between two cameras. Colortrac camera scanners use Colortrac’s patented “Adaptive Stitching” technology to prevent this type of stitch error becoming a problem.