All our large format scanners are suitable for maps and GIS. Which to choose depends on your types of originals, and how many and how often you need to scan.

Aerial or satellite photographs:

Thick originals up to 15 mm:

Large amounts for archiving:

Occasional scanning needs:

Portable scanner for on-location scanning:

Key benefits of Colortrac SmartLF large format scanners

  • Sharpness with high resolution for scanning fine detail maps
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Advanced paper transport that handles folded and fragile maps
  • Scan widths up to A0/arch E size (44″/1118 mm) in size
  • Fast mono and color scan speeds
  • Low cost to buy, economic to run
  • USB and Ethernet connections

Large format scanning software

SmartLF SGi scanners include SmartWorks Touch software. All the functionality you need provided via an easy to use single touchscreen interface.

Our optional software SmartWorks Imaging is developed for professional scanner users who want total control over the scanning process and the best results possible whatever the quality of the original.

Contact us

Get in contact, if you have a specific question about Colortrac’s A0/Arch E-size large format scanners, or scanning in general: