SmartLF SCi series scanners and SmartWorks software have been designed using unique elements icon_jigsaw_smallof Colortrac Innovative Technologies. In a clear indication that Colortrac have listened to their customers, they continue to provide them with large format scanning solutions of higher performance, better image quality and keener pricing to satisfy all of their wide format scanning needs.



SingleSensor Colortrac Image Capture Technology

The innovative and patented Colortrac SingleSensor technology – designed for optimum image capture across full scan width.

Key Features

  • Uses up to 50,400 individual image sensors in a straight line across the width of the scanner
    • SCi 42 = 50,400 individual image sensors
    • SCi 36 = 43,200 individual image sensors
    • SCi 25 = 30,000 individual image sensors
  • Compact, robust, single-piece design with a significantly higher optical quality and alignment stability
  • Gives each scanner an optical resolution of 1200dpi and a maximum scanning resolution of 2400dpi
  • Simple mechanics and easily accessible

Key Benefits – General

  • Stitched for life at the factory for use in normal office environments
  • Optimum Quality straight out of the box
  • Simpler mechanics mean easier service

Key Benefits – Versus CCDs

  • Separate CCDs arranged in a line, but possible Left/Right and Front/Back stitch issues
  • Complex mechanical lenses & mirrors – difficult to maintain image quality

Key Benefits – Versus Staggered CIS

  • Possible front/back stitch issues

ClearView Colortrac Lighting Technology Colortrac ClearView

Innovative Dual LED lighting system – designed to optimize image capture of high fidelity documents

Key Features

  • Consistent light levels across full scan width
  • Bi-directional LED illumination
    • SCi 42 = 144 RGB LED switched lights
    • SCi 36 = 144 RGB LED switched lights
    • SCi 25 = 96 RGB LED switched lights
  • Supported colour spaces
    • Adobe RGB
    • Raw RGB
    • Profiled RGB
    • sRGB
  • 50,000 hours projected lifetime
  • Instant-on, zero maintenance, low power consumption

Key Benefits – General

  • Eliminates shadows due to document folds or creases
  • Lights for life – expected life 8x5x52=24 years
  • Instant-on lighting – no warm up time
  • Good color performance
  • Minimizes the power required to provide best lighting for any scanning requirement

Key Benefits – Versus Fluorescent Tubes

  • Warm up time = Varying intensity = Varying colour
  • Limited life = higher lifetime cost
  • Non Ecological – Disposal of toxic mercury in tubes is a problem
  • High voltages and higher power consumption
  • Poor reliability

Key Benefits – Versus Staggered CIS

  • Light leakage between Contact Image Sensors
  • CIS to CIS color variation and non-uniform colour performance
  • Single sided illumination – Only 5 independent staggered, single sided LEDs

SureDrive Colortrac Document Transport TechnologySureDrive Jigsaw

Innovative and elegant single driven hold-up roller document drive solution

Key Features

  • Single, driven, soft-surface, hold-up roller
  • Ensures even and constant pressure across the total scanning width
  • Keeps documents held gently, but firmly against the scan glass
  • Smooths folded or creased documents
  • Superior media transport for lightweight documents up to 0.08” / 2.0mm thick

Key Benefits – Versus non-driven hold down plate (Contex HD)

  • Even pressure, but requires adjustment for light documents

Key Benefits – Versus non-driven staggered rollers

  • Varying pressure across the document as staggered
  • Non-driven
  • Lower pressure
  • Light weight documents will jam

FireFly Colortrac Data Transfer TechnologyFirefly_jigsaw_small

Innovative, custom-built scanner interfaces designed to transfer data at the highest possible speeds

Key Features

  • SuperSpeed USB3
    • Up to 85 MB/s data transfer rate
    • Backward compatible with USB2
  • USB2
    • Colortrac improvements increase  data transfer speed by 40%  from 24 to 35 MB/s
  • Scan to Cloud – compatible with:
    • Microsoft SkyDrive
    • Apple iCloud
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
  • Ethernet
    • GigE on Gx+ series only

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the data bottleneck caused by slow USB2 interfaces
  • Increases scanner productivity when handling a varied range of archive jobs
  • Scan higher dpi originals without reducing overall scan productivity
  • Experience higher data transfer speeds than other scanners using the same computer and USB2 port!

WinSync Colortrac Scanner Driver Technology


Interfacing Colortrac software applications to Windows in the most direct and efficient way possible

Key Features

  • Scanner drivers utilise the latest Microsoft driver interfacing practices
  • Newly developed drivers prove more reliable than adaptations of old drivers
  • New drivers are automatically already optimised for the latest operating systems e.g. Windows 8

Key Benefits

  • Functional out-of-the-box
  • Reduces time needed for scanner installation
  • Non-technical install
  • Maximum efficiency

SuperSpeed USB standard  

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 gives a major improvement in data speed, while maintaining backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 devices

Key Features

  • Now standard in Windows 8 enabled hardware
  • Higher data transfer rates Up to 85 MB/s data transfer rate
  • Increased maximum bus power
  • New power management features
  • Full-duplex data transfers
  • Backward USB 2.0 compatibility
  • New connectors and cables

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the data bottleneck caused by slow USB2 interfaces
  • More bus power when needed
  • Less power used when idle