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Document Carrier Sheets

Packed in tubes of 5. Available in ARCH D and ARCH E size (for US market) or A1 and A0 (EURO) size with black or white backing sheet. Hinged along the short side.

  • Scan and protect dry, ageing and/or valuable documents.
  • Protect the scanner glass from documents contaminated with storage dirt and dust.
  • Scan badly torn documents or documents with missing edges.
  • Scan multiple lightweight and/or odd shaped originals & upholstery patterns.
  • Scan transparencies more effectively.
  • White backing sheet improves light reflection and scan quality.
  • Black backing sheet prevents the back side image appearing underneath the image of the front side when scanning newspapers, double-sided maps and other semi-transparent originals printed on both sides.
US SIZE Carrier Sheets


EURO SIZE Carrier Sheets