If your documents are never larger than A1/Arch D-size, and you want to save office space, then these large format scanners are the perfect match:

A1 CIS scanners for maps, GIS, blueprints, drawings and archiving:

A1 portable CIS scanner for occasional scanning needs:

Large format CIS scanners for A1/Arch D-size document types

  • Are you scanning only a few large format documents a day?
  • Do you need a scanner setup with focus on speed and convenience?
  • Do you need to move your scanner frequently, maybe to a different location?
  • Your A1 documents can be of many different types and origins and we encourage you to take the time to choose the large format scanner that exactly fits your needs.

Find help in our large format scanning guide: Which scanner is right for me?

Scanning in portrait or landscape – what’s the difference?

Short answer: IPS (inches per second) = SPEED.

If you scan your A1/Arch D-sized documents in portrait direction, you can get away with a 25” scanner, such as SmartLF SCi 25” or the portable SmartLF Scan! 24”. However, if speed is important, you would scan your documents in landscape direction which would enable you to feed the scanner with more documents per hour. This obviously requires a wider scanner, such as SmartLF SCi 36” A0/Arch E-size scanner.

Artwork, photographs, graphics, and thick media (up to 15 mm)

If your documents are thick or have raised surface details, then a CCD large format scanner is the better match. Colortrac CCD scanners are A0 and wider, but will of course also scan A1 and smaller originals.

CCD scanners

Large format scanning software

All SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi scanners include SmartWorks Touch software. All the functionality you need provided via an easy to use single touchscreen interface.

Our optional software SmartWorks Imaging is developed for professional scanner users who want total control over the scanning process and the best results possible whatever the quality of the original.

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Get in contact, if you have a specific question about Colortrac’s A0/Arch E-size large format scanners, or scanning in general: colortrac.com/contact