APT is the transport system used to feed documents through Colortrac SmartLF Cx and Gx+ scanners.

APT maintains pressure on the document as it travels through the scanner without introducing friction. This:

Preserves delicate originals by using minimum necessary force.
Prevents documents from getting trapped.
Reduces shadows and retains focus by smoothing folds and wrinkles and keeping documents flat against the scan glass.

2+4 all-wheel-drive Active Paper Transport

Colortrac SmartLF Cx+ 40 large format scanners use 2+4 all-wheel-drive Active Paper Transport.

The document is fed into the scanner from the front over a gently curved feed tray, is detected by optical sensors and is automatically loaded.

The document is then transported between precision ground drive rollers with high grip rubber tires, ensuring optimum support and accurate positioning as it enters the scan window.

Finally, it engages with two belt driven hold-down rollers positioned over the two rows of CIS imaging arrays. The hold-down rollers auto adjust to media thickness while maintaining constant pressure and contact on the scan glass.

Advanced 2+3 all-wheel-drive Active Paper Transport

Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ 28, 42 and 56 large format scanners use Advanced 2+3 all-wheel-drive Active Paper Transport.

This is the same as 2+4 all-wheel-drive APT, except that it only employs a single hold-down roller – in Gx+ wide format scanners all the CCDs are in a single row, so only one hold-down roller is necessary.