All Colortrac SmartLF wide format scanners are ideal GIS and map scanners.

If you need to scan aerial or satellite photographs we especially recommend the Gx+ 28, Gx+ 42 and Gx+ 56 wide format scanner ranges. If you are scanning thicker maps or maps with board covers we especially recommend the T (Thick) variants of the Gx+ large format scanner ranges.

Key benefits of Colortrac SmartLF wide format scanners as map scanners include:

  • Sharpness with high resolution for scanning fine detail maps.
  • High dimensional accuracy.
  • Advanced paper transport that handles folded and fragile maps.
  • Choice of scanner widths up to 56″ (142.3 cm) – scan maps up to E+ and A0+ in size.
  • Fast mono and color scan speeds.
  • Low cost to buy, economic to run.

If you need to color classify your maps we recommend that you use a SmartLF large format scanner with SmartWorks Pro software, which includes functions for reducing the number of colors on the scanned map.

Thick maps and maps with board covers

If you are scanning thicker maps or maps with board covers, we recommend the Gx+ T28, Gx+ T42 and Gx+ T56 (Thick) wide format scanner ranges. They allow you to scan maps up to 0.8″ (20 mm) thick.

Great War Digital use a Colortrac SmartLF GxT 42e wide format scanner to scan historic First World War trench maps for display on hand-held GPS / PDA devices as part of a battlefield satellite navigation (Sat Nav) system. With Great War Digital’s Linesman software users can view the scanned maps as a 3D digital terrain model (DTM) and, while walking through the topography of the old battlefield, see exactly where they are at any time.

Great War Digital selected a GxT 42e large format scanner because its thick media capability handles the thicker French trench maps and because its CCD technology accurately captures their finest color details.

Jerry Whitehead, Director of Great War Digital says: “The scanner has proved to be good value for money. We would be prepared to recommend this scanner to others. The results of our initial scanning are excellent.”

Scanners perfect for Maps & GIS

Below is a selection of Colortrac scanners that are particularly well suited to scanning maps and GIS. Click through to a product to find out more information and download a brochure.

SmartLF Gx+ 42

product_scale_gx42View Product

The sixth generation SmartLF Gx+ 42 ENERGY STAR® qualified scanners combine a unique Colortrac designed bi-directional LED light system that has low energy requirements, a longer life and reduced environmental impact with the superior color imaging attributes of CCD

SmartLF Gx+ T56

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The SmartLF Gx+ T56 range offers high 600 dpi optical resolution, superior color CCD technology and the benefits of instant-on bi-directional LED illumination. These scanners meet the needs of AEC, CAD and GIS users for sharply defined line detail in technical documents and maps while producing the highly accurate color reproduction, copying and wide color gamut required for demanding graphics applications.

SmartLF SC 42

SC42-Front-350x100View Product

The new generation of SmartLF SC 42 large format scanners encompass many new innovative features that will help make your production scanning quicker and easier. With higher quality imaging, higher scanning speed and SuperSpeed data transfer, the SmartLF SC 42 provides fast, high quality scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents.

SmartLF SC 25

SC 25 FrontView Product

The new compact SmartLF SC 25 large format scanner is the best general purpose solution for scanning wide format Technical Imaging and Color Graphics documents up to Arch D, ANSI D, ISO A1 or B2. With a small footprint, it is ideal for Small Office, Home Office, On-site Building Services, Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Facilities Management or Electronic Document Capture (EDC). Using the optional Document Return Guide, it allows you to feed and retrieve documents from the front, making the reduced footprint of the solution ideal for small offices.