CLASP is an acronym for


and the name we give to software which has been specially adapted or developed to be compatible with Colortrac scanners. The membership of CLASP product providers is drawn from specialist solutions and software companies whose product makes use of large format document scanners. These companies have worked with our scanners in most cases to integrate direct driver support for SmartLF scanners and also have the option to engage in reciprocal product marketing activity with Colortrac Ltd.


Most CLASP members regularly receive Software Development Kits or SDKs free-of-charge for the Colortrac models as they appear on the market. Colortrac in return for the programming instructions will always insist on a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) completed by the participating company (standard practice).

Reciprocal website linking is encouraged as part of the agreement. Colortrac however reserve the right to remove the name or link of any company at any time.

Membership Level (grading)

CLASP product compatibility with large format scanners can take three basic forms.

Most software which is raster based will accept TIFF scan data and this represents the lowest criteria for CLASP membership and compatibility with Colortrac scanners. We grade this as CLASP Level III.

Software products that have a TWAIN interface and/or accept the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) enabled scannners are graded Level II. Microsoft Paint operates with SmartLF in WIA mode but generally there is variation in the implementation of Twain/WIA across applications. Companies like SCP produce comprehensive Twain drivers for SmartLF. Providers in this category are graded Level II.

Companies who have used the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop a direct driver to connect with Colortrac scanners are graded Level I. This represents a high degree of technical involvement with Colortrac technology. Most of the companies below are Level I CLASP developers.

Some members:

Avia Systems Ltd
Beijing PixSky Software Co. Ltd
Business Graphics Datentechnik GmbH
CSoft AS
EyeC GmbH
PLP Digital Systems Inc
Scanvec (SAi)
SCP Software GmbH
TRIX Systems

Please contact Colortrac or the suppliers listed above directly for more information on current Colortrac CLASP compatibility.