SmartWorks Pro

the productivity tool for high-volume large format scanning applications – providing great color images straight-out-of-the-box!

Using a Mouse or Touch Screen enabled displays, the intuitive Graphical User Interface guides you quickly through any scanning process, making rapid changes to the image quality if required.

The Scan-once workflow allows you to make adjustments of the scanned image without any further scanning. Further enhance your productivity by using the 10 Preset Filters for quick pre-selection of your key scanning parameters. Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding allows the automatic removal of unwanted background to provide clean copies. Fully integrated ICC color management in the SmartWorks Pro viewer provides accurate representation of scanned and printed output.

The unique SmartWorks Pro workflow can mean an overall improvement in scanning efficiency of 40% compared with the more common pre-scan, rewind, scan and edit methods used by other large format scan systems.

SmartWorks Pro – Features

  • Scan, copy or scan & copy  (scan to file and copy simultaneously)
  • Touch screen operation or mouse compatible for in depth manipulation of images.
  • Comes with Windows printer driver support.
  • Scan once and edit multiple times, without rescanning the document for increased productivity.
  • Automatic: paper size detection, paper de-skew, save with name/date and time stamp.
  • Advanced editing features including Smooth De-skew, Exterior borders, High speed viewer with 4-Vu (multiple preview view mode during scan) and 10 present filters for popular documents.
  • Multiple black and white modes including 256, 8 bit grey scale modes, Bi-tonal, Adaptive Thresholding and Fully Dithered. With the functionality to restore damaged originals.
  • Total color management to transform and enhance all aspects of scanned images and colors. Save scans with embedded RGB profiles and create custom printer profiles to create the best output every time.
  • An adaptive interface with profiles for beginners and advanced features for professionals looking for a more exact level of control when they scan.
  • Searchable and contextual help files in 10 languages including: Chinese English/US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish