Colortrac does not have a Mac driver at the moment but there are a couple of options available to those in the Mac world who wish to use a SmartLF large format scanner.

  • Use a new Mac that has the Windows boot built-in.
  • Use a relatively modern Mac running OSX 10.5 or later and purchase one of the several types of Windows emulation packages now available. Intel based Macs and SmartLF large format scanners have been tested and found to work well with Parallels – – a program that allows the Mac to behave just like a regular Windows PC. Approximate cost USD 80 – free trail available on their site.
  • If you have an older Mac that won’t accept an emulation it is fairly straightforward to network a cheap Windows PC into a Mac network. Scanning must be carried out from the Windows machine but the files are quickly and easily transferred to the Mac.