Colortrac regularly hosts free webinars where we dive into software and hardware product differences, and when to choose which scanner. Our scanning experts also provide tips and advise you on how to get the most out of your Colortrac large format scanners.

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Recorded webinars

Webinar 18 April 2023:
Customer questions and expert answers

00:00 Colortrac Q&A webinar
00:33 Can I use a Microsoft surface tablet to run my large format Colortrac scanner?
03:12 When to use white or black large format document carrier sheets?
05:19 Where can I find the calibration target for my SmartLF SC 36 scanner?
06:45 How to clean the rubber rollers after scanning ink on linen?
08:06 Which software do I need to access both rolls on my printer?
09:53 How can I connect my scanner when my PC does not have a spare USB port?
11:57 My monitor is a touchscreen. Which software package may I use?
13:18 About the SmartWorks Imaging Link app for tablets?

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Recorded 18 April 2023


Webinar 18 January 2023:
Customer questions and expert answers

00:00 Colortrac Q&A webinar
00:34 How do you scan thick originals on SmartLF SGi 44?
04:05 Can you scan originals in a ½-inch wood frame with a stretched canvas?
05:15 The best way to scan framed artwork
06:10 Which is better: Windows driver or a dedicated printer driver like in SmartWorks Imaging?
08:00 What is FADGI, and are Colortrac scanners FADGI certified?
14:37 Is Metamorfoze in The Netherlands the same as FADGI is in the US?
16:29 Are Colortrac scanners TAA compliant?
19:44 About Twain drivers, upgrades and alternatives
25:50 What is the best way to clean the hold-up rollers and the drive rollers?
31:01 Can our Colortrac scanner be set to scan to LCH color space instead of RGB?
32:46 Can the scanner be stored in an unheated garage or storage unit when not in use?

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Recorded 18 January 2023


Webinar 27 October 2022:
Customer questions and expert answers

00:00 Colortrac Q&A webinar
00:37 How do I load and access the Twain driver?
02:43 My SmartWorks Pro dongle no longer lights up. What should I do?
03:39 How do I get the tablet app for SmartWorks Imaging?
04:18 Working with SmartWorks Imaging Link app on a tablet
05:07 SmartWorks Imaging: Windows printer drivers or Colortrac printer drivers?
06:53 Compression levels and choices for multipage scanning (Touch vs SmartWorks Imaging)
08:11 Is ICC profiling included in SmartWorks Imaging software?
05:58 When your computer has just one USB 3 port
11:29 Why does our SmartLF SC 25 Xpress randomly stop scanning?
15:50 How do we exchange the passive idler rollers?
16:59 Should you change or fix the hardware yourselves?
20:16 SmartLF Scan!: Which software would you recommend?
23:25 SmartLF Scan!: What is the reason for occasional lines on a scan?
25:00 What happens if you calibrate a scanner with a dirt line on the glass plate?
25:25 SmartLF Scan!: Survey map scans have a red-ish hue. Where does that come from?
27:15 About ambient light and white point
28:14 SmartLF Scan!: Which setting is optimal for simple line drawings?
29:48 SmartLF Scan!: About transfer documents features

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Recorded 27 October 2022

Webinar 18 August 2022:
Customer questions and expert answers

00:41 What is the maximum document length?
02:00 How does Colortrac’s software handle long PDF files?
02:31 How does SmartWorks Imaging software work with printer drivers?
03:12 How about compatibility with Windows 11?
03:43 What does it mean to upgrade the scanner’s hardware – and how to do it
05:01 Which software are available?
05:27 Do you need any special preparations for scanning tracing papers?
08:27 Reasons blueprints will not scan straight
09:34 How to prolong the life of rubber rollers

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Recorded 18 August 2022

Webinar: Scanner comparison

Which Colortrac large format scanner is best suited for your scanning projects: SmartLF SCi or SmartLF SGi?

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Recorded 8 June 2022

Webinar: Software comparison

Get to know the distinct differences between Colortrac’s newest advanced scan and copy software SmartWorks Imaging and the legacy software SmartWorks Pro.

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Recorded 23 February 2022