We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the recent temporary loss of the Colortrac download page.

As many of you may already know ‘Safe Browsing’ now actively protects many users of internet browsers against infection from malicious downloads by mass-screening hosting pages against a suite of virus detection algorithms using internet web-bots. Any pages found with suspect code are blacklisted as no-go areas and visits to these pages are blocked to the user. In some cases pages containing safe Microsoft code (as the Colortrac driver download page did previously) can be falsely recognised and labelled as a threat and the page then blacklisted even though there was no actual virus risk. This is described as a false-positive identification. The software from sites affected in this way can still be downloaded if the user suspends the protective safety mechanism acting within the browser. This practice however is not recommended because the browser can accidentally be left disabled by the user leaving the computer and user vulnerable. The best course of action for a site affected in this way is to rebuild the page and the code within it so virus warnings are not triggered in the first place.  This is what we have done.

All of our current software has been reconstructed and tested to be free of signatures that currently trigger a false-positive virus browser warning.  This protects our customers and removes the need to temporarily suspend virus protection to access our scanner drivers. Whilst we will be screening our software regularly to monitor false-positive identifications and acting to remove the problem, constantly emerging new tests for new viruses means that we cannot be 100% sure that a page will never present a false-positive identification at some point in the future.

Global Scanning UK Ltd.