ASRPT is the transport system used to feed documents through Colortrac SmartLF Ci 24 and Ci 40 wide format scanners.

ASRPT maintains pressure on the document as it travels through the scanner without introducing friction. This:

  • Preserves delicate originals by using minimum necessary force.
  • Prevents documents from getting trapped.
  • Reduces shadows and retains focus by smoothing folds and wrinkles and keeping documents flat against the scan glass.

ASRPT (Advanced Single Roller Paper Transport)

The document is fed into the scanner from the front over a gently curved feed tray, is detected by optical sensors and is automatically loaded.

The document is then transported between a single large precision ground solid roller and a flexible media guide mechanism.

The media guide mechanism contains small rollers supported by springs, that dynamically adjust themselves to the thickness of the media being scanned and hold it lightly but firmly between the transport roller and the CIS sensors.

The document passes around the roller and is fed out of the front of the scanner.

The Ci range’s front exit path is unique among today’s wide format scanners. Not only does it make it easier to retrieve documents from the scanner after scanning, but it saves time and document wear over large format scanners that employ a “rewind to front” method for getting documents to exit at the front after scanning.

In addition, the Ci range is the only large format scanner available today that uses single roller transport. This makes it Colortrac’s most accurate large format scanner to date. Rollers can only be machined to a certain uniformity tolerance, whatever their size. One large, slowly revolving roller introduces less error than multiple rollers that must complete many revolutions per scan.