Colortrac Introduces New Value-priced Scanners, Software

Posted in Press Releases, Product Announcements on March 10th, 2021

Colortrac introduces new large format scanners, the SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi, along with new scanning software, SmartWorks Imaging, to support them. The new large format scanning systems feature modern interface and ability to manage scanning remotely. With a sleek design and advanced new scanning software, the SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi scanner series are…

How to scan blueprints with a large format scanner

Posted in Articles on June 20th, 2019

Blueprint scanning Scanning blueprints with large format scanners is currently the best option for clients looking to archive documents. This is a far cry from its origins and shows how far progress has come. A French chemist called Alphonse Louis Poitevin discovered that light transformed the ferro-gallate in gum into a chemical that allows you…

SmartLF Scan! Shortlisted for Best Product in Construction Computing Awards 2016

Posted in Company Announcements, Press Releases on September 22nd, 2016

SmartLF Scan! has been shortlisted for three categories in the prestigious Construction Computing Awards 2016: Best Mobile Technology, Best Hardware Product and Best roduct. SmartLF Scan! is a ground-breaking product in the wide format scanning industry, being the first and only mobile wide format scanner. As such, it has proved extremely popular in the construction…

The largest ever scan?

Posted in Case Studies on June 29th, 2016

Service, quality and reliability McPhersons Document Solutions Ltd is a family run document management and scanning bureau with experience going back to 1972. Their reputation is for service, quality and reliability and they require equipment which supports these three points. McPhersons have used Colortrac scanners to manage their large format jobs for many years. They…

当社が「Export Growth Award」の受賞候補社に選抜されました

Posted in Company Announcements, Press Releases on June 7th, 2016

英国ケンブリッジ商工会議所より「輸出拡大を達成した企業」に与えられる賞の受賞候補としてカラートラック社(現グローバルスキャニング社)が選抜されました。 大判スキャニング市場をリードする当社は「簡単使用」「斬新なアイデア」「優れたコストパフォーマンス」を取り入れたスキャナの開発、そしてワールドワイドに販売を展開する企業として高い評価を得ています。88社ある正規代理店やパートナーを通し、現在191ヵ国への輸出販売を行っています。安定した販売台数の増加、特に2015年に世界初のポータブルスキャナ、SmartLF Scan!の販売開始によってさらに販売台数が増加したことがケンブリッジ商工会議所によって認められることとなりました。 SmartLF Scan!はカラートラック大判スキャナのラインアップでは最新の機種となります。 カラートラックSmartLFシリーズ: SmartLF SG – 2015年のSGIA (Speciality Graphics Industry Association)で「2015年の大判スキャナ」に選ばれました。 SmartLF SC – テクニカル市場のニーズを満たす大判スキャナで「2016年のユーザーが選ぶ大判スキャナ」の賞にノミネートされています。 プロダクトマネジャー、Declan Tylerが述べます。「アイコン表示などにより言語なしでメッセージを表示するデザイン、また11ヵ国の言語に翻訳されたソフトウェア、10項目の国際安全標準規格に準拠したスキャナ本体など、グローバルに受け入れられるスキャナのデザインが輸出拡大に貢献している要素であると考えます。」 マーケティングマネージャー、Siobhan Scottが述べます。「当社は革新的で優れたアイデアを生む街として知られるケンブリッジをベースにビジネスを展開していますがこの賞を受賞するのは容易なことではないことと認識しています。この賞に値する優れた企業が多くある中で当社が候補に選抜されたことを誇りに思います。」

Top 5 Benefits of Large Format Scanners: Colortrac Review

Posted in Articles on April 20th, 2016

In industries such as construction, architecture, engineering and manufacturing, or in local authorities’ planning departments, large-format paper drawings and plans are commonplace. These are not without drawbacks, as their sheer size makes them more vulnerable to being damaged when handled, and paper will deteriorate over time. They also take up a lot of valuable office…

Back to the Future: A Look at Today’s Wide-format Scan Technology

Posted in Articles, Press Releases on February 24th, 2016

My Print Resource publishes a review of scanner technology and how it has changed dramatically over a short period. Covering the full evolution of wide-format scanning, including Colortrac’s reputation as an innovator and our recent revolution through SmartLF Scan! Read more here.  

Colortrac Scanners Nominated for the Wide Format & Signage’s Product of the Year Award

Posted in Press Releases on January 21st, 2016

Colortrac Ltd was recognized by the respected Wide Format & Signage Magazine with two separate nominations for their 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards. Colortrac’s best seller, SmartLF SC, is nominated in its MFP form in the Output Devices: MFP (24-95 inches) category. Additionally, Colortrac’s top of the range scanner, SmartLF SG, is nominated in the Prepress:…

SmartLF SG Awarded Scanner of the Year by the Speciality Graphics Imaging Group

Posted in Company Announcements, Press Releases, Product Announcements on December 7th, 2015

Colortrac Ltd was recognized by the Speciality Graphic Imaging Association’s prestigious Product of the Year Competition with the Scanning Product of the Year award for the SmartLF SG. The 2015 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo brought together leaders of the specialty imaging industry this year in Atlanta, where the award was announced. “We have…

Colortrac’s New SmartLF Scan! Scanner Reinvents Large format Scanning

Posted in Press Releases, Product Announcements on October 15th, 2015

Award winning innovator, releases SmartLF Scan!, the world’s first ever portable wide format scanner, and the first which requires no PC to operate. Simplicity Built In Designed for enterprises who may have felt that wide format scanning was previously out of their reach, SmartLF Scan! has simplicity designed in with features such as semi-automated resolution…