Posted in Articles on April 20th, 2016

In industries such as construction, architecture, engineering and manufacturing, or in local authorities’ planning departments, large-format paper drawings and plans are commonplace. These are not without drawbacks, as their sheer size makes them more vulnerable to being damaged when handled, and paper will deteriorate over time. They also take up a lot of valuable office space or storage space, as well as being cumbersome to copy and share.

This undoubtedly explains why these fields have adopted large format scanners so readily and have embraced the digitization of their documents without looking back. There are many advantages to moving towards a paperless office and here are the top 5 ones:

1. Digitize Your Office

In a fast-paced business world, paperwork can overwhelm even the most organised workers and offices, reducing productivity and sometimes causing the loss of crucial information. By digitising important plans, you can ensure that this risk is kept to a minimum and that you create a pleasant working environment for your staff. The quality of scans produced by Colortrac large format scanners is second to none and their sharp definition is especially well suited to technical documents like CAD drawings and blueprints which need to be reproduced with the highest accuracy.

2. Archive & Store Your Important Documents

Colortrac models are versatile and enable you to digitize different formats, either in mono or in color. Digitizing your large-format documents offers the benefit of safer storage and ease of retrieval. You will never need to worry about plans being mislabelled, misplaced, or lost, and should your company suffer from a fire or a flood, all your electronic plans and drawings (provided they were backed up off site) will be intact and your business unaffected, at least from a document perspective.

In addition, you won’t need to plan for floor space, and you won’t be slowed down while waiting for archived documents to come back from storage.

3. Copy & Edit with Efficiency

Scanning large-format documents also provides a more efficient workflow. Instead of cumbersome copying, with perhaps loss of quality from the original, Colortrac scanners allow you to scan to many different file formats, including PDF, TIF and JPG, and make copies of your documents on any Windows printer.

4. Email & Share instantly

Once files are digitised they are instantly available. They can be downloaded from the network in seconds, or emailed and shared via the Cloud.

The ability to have all your information at the tip of your fingertips and to be able to cope with the unexpected will increase the quality of your services and your customers’ satisfaction. No more waiting around for the courier to deliver these precious documents you can’t work without!

5. Financial benefits

Colortrac provides the best value wide format scanners on the market, by a huge margin.

On top of this, digitising your documents allows you to reduce paper and ink costs as less printing is necessary. Reduced printing, in turn, prolongs the life of your printers.

Time savings also apply as printing is a lengthier process than scanning or emailing. Postage of large format documents is no longer required so postage costs are reduced. Lastly, digitising can considerably reduce storage and office space requirements.

The savings in time and money will increase your productivity, improving your company’s profitability.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Colortrac to learn more.