Posted in Company Announcements, Press Releases on September 22nd, 2016


SmartLF Scan! has been shortlisted for three categories in the prestigious Construction Computing Awards 2016: Best Mobile Technology, Best Hardware Product and Best roduct.

SmartLF Scan! is a ground-breaking product in the wide format scanning industry, being the first and only mobile wide format scanner. As such, it has proved extremely popular in the construction industry, allowing architects and construction firms to take their scanner with them on-site, discuss changes with colleagues, mark up drawings and record changes digitally, with no downtime.

“We are very proud of our latest product, SmartLF Scan! and delighted that it has been recognised by the Construction Computing Awards 2016. Feedback from customers shows that SmartLF Scan! is particularly popular because of the flexibility it provides. It is perfect as an office and a mobile scanner. Our customers say they love the fact that it, essentially, provides two products in one”, says Siobhan Scott, Product Marketing Manager.

“All Colortrac products support precise, accurate output while being very easy to use,” says Declan Tyler, Product Manager. “With SmartLF Scan! we have taken this further than ever before and now provide a completely self-contained unit which users operate via a built-in screen and keypad, allowing them to scan to network, PC and internal memory, or scan to Cloud and email via an iOS app.”

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