How do you work? On your own? With a small team? In your office? Out and about? SmartLF Scan! works the way you want to, not the other way around.

In your office

At around half the size of comparable large document scanners, SmartLF Scan! easily fits on your desk. A true desktop scanner.

Sharing with colleagues? No problem.

With network connection through a standard Ethernet cable, you can place the scanner in the office wherever you want it. No need to locate the scanner close to you. Position it where it’s most convenient. More than one of you needs to connect to the scanner? That’s fine. Operating like an office printer, you can all link to the scanner rather than working through a dedicated PC.

Out and about

With its own tough, wheeled, carry case for easy transport, SmartLF Scan! is a truly portable scanner. Use it in the office when you are there, and take it to clients and on site when you are out and about. Share your ideas with partners then leave the hard copy with them, secure that you have a digital copy to continue working with. Everyone on the project knows where they are. Everyone is up to date. Perfect for keeping your busy projects on track

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