Our approach to wide format scanner design adopts value for money as its core principle. Our goal is simple: To design and build scanners for large format that offer comparable or better performance and image quality to the industry standard, at the best possible price. If you invest in a Colortrac SmartLF SGi 44 or SGi 36 wide format scanner, you can be sure you are buying a product designed to provide excellent value for money and deliver high productivity throughout its working life.

Our value for money, best possible price vision means that even if your scanning need is infrequent, you’ll be able to justify your investment in a Colortrac SmartLF wide format scanner.

Colortrac is constantly innovating and its ClearView, SureDrive, WinSync, FireFly and SingleSensor technologies continue to ensure we stay at the forefront of value large format scanning.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council uses a Colortrac scanner in a drive towards e-government. Jonathan Middleton, Principal Development Control Officer, says: “It has been very reliable … it’s been going all day, every day, for about a year now. In that time we’ve scanned about 20,000 documents, a mixture of black and white / full color / 16 color in sizes ranging from A4 to A0.”

In addition, we recommend SmartWorks Imaging or SmartWorks Pro software which uses the Colortrac “scan-it-once” process to provide a huge workflow advantage compared to the way other large format scanner manufacturers work with scan data. Typically other systems require the operator to perform multiple pre-scans of selected image areas to optimise scan settings. With a Colortrac SmartLF scanner and SmartWorks software you scan only once, then perform image cleaning and enhancements on the scan in real time. If you are batch scanning you can perform quality assurance and adjustments in-line, “right-first-time”, instead of needing to re-scan quality control failures off-line after batch scanning is completed.  No re-scanning is needed.

It easier with Colortrac software!