Posted in Articles on August 9th, 2022

Surprises always turn up when walls get torn down at construction sites. The unknown or unexpected can result in countless changes to plans as projects get underway. The larger the site, the greater the number of red-line changes. Without quick approvals of these red-lines, construction projects can be delayed and costs can rise.

Construction workers with as-built drawing

Capture and share changes to the building plans with a portable large format scanner

It’s essential to capture every red-line in the plans and timely share the changes with the engineers back at the head office. With the SmartLF Scan!, a portable large format scanner from Colortrac, workers can scan and record every detail on the CAD drawings. The SmartLF Scan! lets builders safely share as-built markups from any location.

Sharing as-built changes:
Optimize your projects. Minimize Disruption.

Developers, contractors, and builders know that time is money. So when changes occur at construction sites, as they are prone to do, the experts know how to keep projects running smoothly with a portable SmartLF Scan! large format scanner.

SmartLF Scan! in construction office

Prepare for when plans change

Getting all the red-line changes to the main office is time-critical — for the approval of the modifications, to assign designers to update the CAD as-built plans, or to keep a record. To expedite the process, construction experts rely on the Colortrac scanner to capture and share as-built changes as they occur in the field. With a simple press of a button, the red-lines are captured with amazing accuracy. The SmartLF Scan! scanners come with presets and can accommodate a range of document sizes up to 36 inches wide.

Keep the right tools within reach

The Colortrac scanner can be taken anywhere for on-site scanning. Technical drawings can be scanned in seconds and emailed back to the office for quick approval and revision.

By keeping the SmartLF Scan! on site, construction crews are able to spend more time on their craft and less time waiting for approvals. New drawings can be returned electronically and shared with the on-site team as they are required. The recorded as-built plans can also be shared with the accounting department at any stage of the project.

SmartLF Scan! is portable

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