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Colortrac 35 years anniversary

Foundation, Growth and Global Partnership

Founded in 1989, Colortrac developed digital scanning solutions for the oil exploration industry. In 1999, the company expanded by acquiring ANAtech and Tangent Imaging Systems in the US, enhancing its knowledge in wide format scanning technology. In 2013, Colortrac joined Global Scanning, a Denmark-based leader in the scanning industry, enhancing its reach and capabilities.

Mission and Innovation

Focusing on product development, Colortrac’s primary aim is to deliver no nonsense quality for the large format scanning market. Colortrac introduced the ‘SingleSensor’ technology, combining CCD scanner’s precision and the affordability from CIS technology.

Clientele and Operations

Colortrac serves sectors like architecture, graphic arts, copy shops and engineering. Headquartered in Denmark, Colortrac maintains sales and support offices in UK (St. Ives), Denmark (Copenhagen), USA (Chantilly, VA), and Japan (Yokohama). Manufacturing is in China (Suzhou).

We have local distributors in countries all over the world:

Colortrac worldwide local distributors 2024


Looking Ahead

As Colortrac celebrates its 35th anniversary, we remain committed to our no nonsense approach to wide format scanning. With our users as our top priority, we emphasize high quality, durability, and compliance with the Energy Star program to ensure the best cost-effectiveness for our customers. Looking ahead, Colortrac will continue to be a leader in wide format scanning, shaping the future of imaging technology.


Colortrac 35 years anniversary

7 Colortrac industry firsts


1st (and only) 1-piece, full-width color CIS solution. The most accurate, reliable solution for wide CIS devices. Optimal, affordable image quality


1st single, powered soft-roller system for even media pressure and high-quality images. Assists instead of resists paper progress through the scanner


1st large format scanner with SuperSpeed USB  3.0 for faster, more efficient data transfer


1st open-aperture, glass-free scanner for streak-free scans. Completely unaffected by dirt and dust


1st CCD scanner to use LEDs for long life, low energy use and instant-on performance. Lifetime solution for low maintenance and optimal document illumination


1st in-program image editor known as ‘scan-once-edit’. Eliminate pre-scan, reduce scan times, halve the number of document passes


1st thick-media large format scanner for even more business flexibility. Scan prints mounted on board or artwork directly printed onto board