For many users of image management software or any software that relies on using a scanner the TWAIN interface will no doubt sound familiar.  The Colortrac SmartWorks  TWAIN driver provides a simple way to directly control a SmartLF SC or SG Series wide format scanner from inside applications that are compatible with the TWAIN 1.5 standard and other specialist software that supports TWAIN connected scanners.

SmartWorks TWAIN installs itself as a TWAIN plug-in module and is automatically recognized when the application supporting TWAIN is started.  Help and guidelines for operation of Colortrac Twain can be found here.


Functioning ISIS and TWAIN scanning interfaces offer very similar scanning experiences for the operator but they differ considerably in how they are provided. ISIS is highly regulated to control the quality of the driver  and every ISIS driver is certified by EMC who hold the rights to the ISIS scanner connection standard. Certification is not free which ensures higher standards but it also means that TWAIN as free and open-standard software is more widely accepted and more popular within the majority of scanning software providers and developers.



SmartWorks TWAIN
Supported Scanners The following SmartLF scanner models will work with the TWAIN driver
SC 25, SC 36, SC 42, SC 25 Xpress, SC 36 Xpress, SC 42 Xpress, SG 36, SG 44
Resolution (dpi) 200, 300, 400 50, 600 and 1200 dpi
Summary Included as standard with all SmartLF SC Series and SG Series scanners
Color Modes /Controls – 16.7 million RAW RGB color (24-bit)
– 8-bit Grayscale
– Fixed Threshold Black & White, Paper Size, Resolution, Contrast and Brightness
Document Type Filters None by TWAIN itself.  The format of images saved from the TWAIN scan is fully dependent on the application running the TWAIN.
Scan to File Not available unless provided by the TWAIN interface of the host software
Scan to Email Not applicable
Copy Not available
Print Handled by printing the scanned image from the application hosting TWAIN if Print is available. No print drivers or print method is provided by the Twain interface directly.
Driver Setup Settings are not saved through sessions
Scanner speed – full or half-speed
Resolution – see above
Choose from ISO, ANSI or ARCH paper size standards
Units – manual paper size and paper dimensions selectable in/mm
 Reset Changes paper size, resolution, color mode to the program defaults
Scan length limit In excess of A0 but depends heavily on the host application and the specification of the computer hardware.  Will reduce as resolution increases
Copy length limit Not applicable
Languages English only
System Compatibility Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit, Windows Server 2022
 Notes 1. Only one scan application or scanner utility program can be operated with SmartLF scanners at the same time
2. See System Requirements for more information on USB3 and computer specifications

Installation of this product is handled as part of the Colortrac SC or SG Utilities installation.  No separate installation is needed.

TWAIN Online Help

Colortrac TWAIN is aimed primarily at 3rd-party software developers who can now use the Twain v1.5 specification to quickly build basic scan tool interfaces for the Colortrac SmartLF SC scanner into virtually any software application.  Colortrac TWAIN permits the user to control resolution, color mode and scan size.  It will not support the higher Twain functions such as optical character recognition (OCR) and color management.  All file formatting and image enhancement is handled by the host application.

For non-developers Colortrac TWAIN has been tested with the following software applications. Batch scanning is not supported.

Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Publisher
PaperScan Free

The End User License Agreement governing your rights and the use of Colortrac software is available from the link below:
Colortrac Software EULA