Posted in Press Releases, Product Announcements on June 16th, 2014

St. Ives, England, June 16, 2014

Colortrac today launches three brand new product solutions, available through our global distribution network:

  • The SmartLF SG CCD scanner with professional cameras – choose 44 inch or 36 inch wide
  • The SmartLF SC Xpress scanners with SingleSensor technology and faster speed
  • New Professional MFP Solutions with dedicated scanners

Get it right first time: Colortrac SmartLF SG
Experience an all-new scanner for Hi-Fidelity colour reproduction of large-format documents. The SmartLF SG scanner has been specifically developed for scanning and reprographics service professionals and for electronic document capture (TWAIN) and high-end technical imaging within AEC, CAD, Mapping and GIS.

SmartLF-SGColortrac’s SmartLF SG is quick and easy to use. It is suitable for scanning and copying all your document types up to 36 or 44 inches wide, with easy adjustment for different media thicknesses up to 15mm.

Product Manager Declan Tyler says of SmartLF SG, “With a high-speed Ethernet and USB3 interface there’s no stopping or waiting. The imaging technology is based on the same CCD sensors used in professional high-quality cameras and will match the most discerning demand.”

Tyler continues, “On top of this, the new completely unique feature of simple manually-operated height adjustment makes handling of different documents very easy for the busy user. So, the Smart LF SG is always the right choice.”

Now even faster: Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress Series
SmartLF-SC25-XpressColortrac introduces new SmartLF SC Xpress Series to boost performance and provide reliable as well as affordable scanning with a fast return on investment.

The new superfast Series comes with proven SingleSensor technology, a Colortrac invention that combines CIS elements and LEDs in a single line for maximum scan accuracy and optimal illumination. With this and a variety of simple, intuitive software options, SmartLF SC Xpress allows you to get the right image first time.

The SC Xpress Series is the right choice for all your technical documents and maps, creating high quality scans of wide format maps, engineering drawings, blueprints and many other technical documents.

Freedom to choose: Colortrac Professional MFP Solutions
MFP-SolutionsWhenever you need it: Scan, copy and print large-format documents with Colortrac’s Professional MFP Solutions.

Available in three sizes, 42in, 36in and 25in, this product is an affordable and reliable multi-functional package that exactly fits your printer and your needs, while still giving you a quick ROI.

Professional MFP Solutions are suitable for copying a wide range of large-format technical documents at a speed that exceeds most colour printers. These models have a low first copy output time which gives you more copies faster.

With the option to add your own choice of large-format printer, PC and monitor, and with easy-to-use software and an adjustable repro stand included, Colortrac’s Professional MFP Solutions give you the complete copying package of your choice.

All the new scanner and MFP models come with Colortrac’s innovative features:

  • ScanOnce: efficient scanning and copying workflow that gets it right the first time
  • Firefly: Colortrac’s high-speed USB3 interface that allows you to get more done
  • Clearview: innovative dual LED illumination that’s low maintenance and has a low energy footprint
  • Winsync: optimised Windows driver technology that allows you to easily connect Colortrac scanners to your PC