Posted in Case Studies on June 19th, 2015

The challenge

DGVault is a busy professional scanning company. Providing services to other businesses which need to digitise their physical records, DGVault provides services both in their own offices and at customer premises.

To provide a full service, DGVault needed a way to scan wide format media of all sizes up to E. Their diverse customer base also requires scans of many different types of media, from thick, rigid media to older, thin and fragile documents.

The solution

DGVault originally purchased a Colortrac scanner many years ago. As their business has grown they have increased this and now own eight Colortrac scanners of varying type. These include very large GX+ 56 scanners, which enable them to scan thick media up to 56 inches wide, plus a number of Colortrac’s fast SC Xpress range. The latter enables superfast throughput using the integral USB3 interface. This allows DGVault to get accurate and fast results using any type and size of media.

The benefit

With many clients and a hectic business, time is money. DGVault requires an affordable solution which meets their needs and which provides accurate scans quickly. The Colortrac ‘Scan Once’ technology is particularly useful, meaning that documents can be adjusted after the scan, without the need or delay of rescanning.

DGVault often undertakes projects at customer sites where they have no internet access or IT support. A key benefit of the Colortrac scanners is the ability to move them from one location to another and know they will work, and retain their accuracy, as soon as they are turned on.

Bill Dunne, Owner of DGVault, states: “It is vital for our business that all equipment speed matches up to the promised specifications, as that is how we price our work. We have many Colortrac scanners and know we can rely on them.”

Siobhan Scott, Marketing Manager at Colortrac, states: “We are delighted to see DGVault utilising our patented SingleSensor technology, providing consistent, accurate and high quality wide format scans every time.”

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