Technical Scanners

Super fast with brilliant accuracy. Scanners which support your work.

No distortion, whatever the image size.

The SmartLF SC scanner range delivers exceptional image quality every time thanks to our patented SingleSensor technology that ensures your image is crease and shadow free, whatever the condition of the original.

Ideal for scanning CAD drawings, blueprints or any wide format technical document.

Consilio3D use Colortrac scanners to breath new life into old aeroplanes

Consilio3D used a suite of Colortrac scanners to convert 14,000 sixty year old 2D archives into 3D CAD models.

“Accuracy is everything. Working with scanners and software we trust means that we are confident of all our output.”

Steve Evans, Director of Sales at Consilio3D

Key benefits


  • No mistakes: Sharp, accurate scans especially suited to technical documents with fine lines like CAD drawings / blueprints.
  • Easy to use: SmartWorks TOUCH software included with the scanner lets you scan to 14 file formats including PDF, TIFF and JPG.
  • Flexible: Make copies of your documents on any Windows printer.
  • Fast: No warm up, no waiting, fast scan speeds.
  • Meets your needs:
    • Choice of scanner widths up to 56″ (142.3 cm) – scan documents up to E+ and A0+ in size.
    • Fast mono and colour scan speeds.
    • Upgradeable models: m (monochrome), c (colour) and e (express colour) – buy what you need when you need it and upgrade by email.
  • Economical: Low cost to buy, economical to run, EnergyStar rated.
  • Free and easy to use touchscreen software to help you produce great output.
  • Brilliant output:
    • High 600 or 1200 dpi optical resolution – more than enough to scan any technical document.
    • Advanced paper transport and illumination systems mean that even folded CAD drawings / blueprints scan sharp and shadow free.


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