SmartWorks Pro free with SmartLF SG

Until the end of 2016: Buy SmartLF SG and get SmartWorks Pro Scan & Copy software included free.

Why SmartLF SG?

So flexible you can scan almost anything. Perfect for those who cannot predict what they will need to scan next.
• Thick media up to 15mm
• Wide format up to 44 inches

Fastest thick media scanner on the market. Perfect when you are busy and have a lot to scan.

Best possible output. Great for technical and graphics applications.

Vivid natural color in full high definition.

Incredibly accurate

Why SmartWorks Pro?

Professional software, for a professional scanner.

Features which make scanning easier and faster
• 10 preset filters for faster setup
• Renowned Scan-Once image editing
• SmartWorks Pro Multi-Page Document Manager simplifies complex archive jobs

Total control on quality and file size
• Easily improve older images with bi-tonal or 2D adaptive thresholding.
• Save images as high quality files or reduce file size as required.
• Accurate colour representation using integrated ICC colour management.

Flexible printer Management
• Choose between Windows drivers and SmartWorks Pro printer drivers for precise copy size and economical paper utilisation.
• Hold TIFF files in an optional “hot folder” for compatibility with large CAD drafting printers

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