If you require a robust CAD based wide format copier capable of handling a variety of documents up to E-size+ or A0+ size in a busy office or department, then this is the solution for you.

The SmartLF SC Xpress 42c scanner and SmartWorks TOUCH software is the professional MFP solution ideal for people handling large CAD technical drawings, color graphics or office color documents.  This makes it ideally suited for Architecture, Engineering & Manufacturing, Construction, or Utilities and Energy companies, Graphic Design Studios or Mapping and GIS.

The front feed and exit document handling is capable of taking any media up to 42 inches (1067 mm) wide.  With high speed scanning and a compact footprint, the SmartLF Xpress SC 42 has all the productive capabilities you may require and can be placed above a printer using a high stand, or against a wall to minimise floor space. In a busy CAD drawing office or cramped Architects office, both productivity and space matters.  This solution is the way that you can accommodate the copier functionality and throughput without compromising available space.

Check here for information on printers supported by the Colortrac.


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SmartLF SC 42 Professional MFP Solution

  • Technical & CAD drawings
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction drawings
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Shops
  • Utilities & Energy Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Electronic Document Capture (EDC) – including ISIS interface
Scanner Product SmartLF SC 42c
Maximum Scanning Speed @ 200dpi
24bit RGB Color:
13.00 inches/sec
3.00 inches/sec
Optional Upgrade SmartLF SC 42e (Express Color) – increases Maximum Scanning Speed of 24bit RGB Color to: 6.00 inches/sec
SingleSensor Scanning Technology With 50,400 pixels giving 48-bit color and 16-bit greyscale data capture
Scanning Resolution 1 Standard:    600 dpi
Maximum Image Width 42 inches (1067 mm)
Maximum Document Width 44 inches (1117 mm)
Maximum Media Thickness 2 0.08 inches (2.0 mm) flexible media
Interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with up to 5Gb/sec transfer rate
Included Software SmartWorks EZ Touch
SmartWorks EZ Touch Plus
Optional Software SmartWorks Pro
Notes:1  SmartLF scanners have an Optical Resolution of 1200 dpi and a Maximum Resolution of 2400 dpi when used with the optional SmartWorks Pro software.2   Thick documents up to 2mm must be flexible. Colortrac does not guarantee quoted speeds for thick media. Thick media should be scanned at reduced speeds to obtain optimal image quality. For heavy and/or thick materials the operator may need to support the document as it enters and exits the scanner. For larger sizes of heavy and/or thick media Colortrac recommend the scanner be placed first on a flat surface and the operator supports the document as it enters and exits the scanner.  Colortrac recommends the Paper Return Guide be removed when using heavy and/or thick media in the scanner.
Product Colortrac SmartLF Repro Stand
Adjustable through 4 height variations allowing for maximum printer heights of:- Height 1:                   45 inches     (1143 mm)
Height 2:                   43 inches     (1093 mm)
Height 3:                   40.8 inches  (1038 mm)
Height 4:                   39 inches     (988 mm)
Adjustable Monitor Arm – screen fastening Height from Floor:      55 inches     (1396 mm)
Maximum Scanner + Stand Width                                 79.5 inches  (2021 mm)
Maximum Scanner + Stand Depth                                 34 inches     (864 mm)

SmartWorks Pro software

The SmartWorks Pro software is the leading wide format industry, professional scanning and color-copying software.  Used with the range of SmartLF large format scanners, the software helps operators provide accurate and corrected color images.

SmartWorks Pro – Comparison of Feature / Functionality contained in each version.


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File Open




Preview Copy

Direct Copy

Scan Scan

Scan and Copy Scan


Scan and Copy

Copier Copy

Preview Copy

Download a Copy of the SmartWorks Pro software Brochure from HERE 


ISIS Interface

Using the ISIS interface driver to enable in-program scanner compatibility with a wide range of Electronic Document management (EDM)/Electronic Document Content (EDC) applications (available 2013)

View more detail on the ISIS interface from HERE