Posted in Press Releases, Press Releases, Company Announcements, Company Announcements on October 6th, 2016

Colortrac, award winning innovator, announces the opening of a new USA-based webshop for the sub-brand, “By Colortrac”, focussed on its new entry-level range, SmartLF Scan!


Wide format with wide appeal

SmartLF Scan! is the first wide format scanner equally at home as a networked scanner in a shared office and on the road. It is designed with simplicity built in, requiring no PC or specialist software to operate. As such, and as the lowest cost wide format scanner on the market, it has wide appeal across many enterprises who work with D (A1) and E (A0) sized drawings.

“We have seen a huge demand for SmartLF Scan! since its launch, taking it far beyond our traditional markets and with lots of new users asking to buy it on-line direct from us. Our new venture,, takes SmartLF Scan! to this wider audience through the sub-brand, “By Colortrac”, which can more closely meet their needs,” says Siobhan Scott, Product Marketing Manager.

Product Manager Declan Tyler adds, “SmartLF Scan! is designed to support collaboration and help the user keep better records in a very simple way. Without compromising on the high scan quality Colortrac is known for, SmartLF Scan! takes wide format scanning in a new direction. It can be used quickly and easily, wherever it is needed and by entire teams, ensuring projects continue with no delays.”