Posted in Press Releases, Product Announcements, Company Announcements on September 5th, 2013

Colortrac, an important innovator in the field of wide format scanning technology, has produced a series of videos that demonstrate clearly how the innovative technologies incorporated in their SmartLF SC series large format scanners work and how to get the best out of the SmartWorks software applications that drive them.

Expanding on why these videos are important, Colortrac SmartLF Product Manager Declan Tyler commented that “The scanning technology used by our products is unique and results from our continued long term investments and developments in imaging technologies that give our customers clear advantage in image quality, improved productivity and value for money.   

The Colortrac SingleSensor (patents pending) contained in our SmartLF SC wide format scanners and the ScanOnce feature contained in our SmartWorks software are just two key elements that help distinguish our scanning solutions and they are covered in one of the 23 new videos we have prepared.  By demonstrating these, along with the features of our software products SmartWorks EZ Touch, EZ Touch Plus and Pro, we will be helping our customers extract the best out of their Colortrac scanning solution investment by watching how to use key scanning functions as they are being clearly demonstrated and simply explained.”

  • The SmartWorks EZ Touch software is supplied as standard with all SmartLF scanners.  It is a simple icon based touch-screen, graphical user interface and is optimized for non-specialist users.  It provides basic facilities such as simple Copy, Scan to file / E-mail or Print.
  • For the more demanding user, the optional SmartWorks EZ Touch Plus software extends the functionality of the basic version of SmartWorks EZ Touch by adding more editing tools and offers the user opportunities to personalize Document Types presets to further improve the productivity of their scanning workflow.
  • For the professional, SmartWorks Pro software offers advanced editing tools required to produce accurate image scans and files, with easy copying and distribution of the scanned image.  Using 10 programmable Presets for common document types and scan color modes, users can make simple or complex adjustments instantly to the image but uniquely are able to see the desired result after only a single finished-resolution scan.  No further pre-scan, saving of the scan or reloading of the scan is required.

You can watch the complete video demonstrating the selected product or technology, or just extract the level of content detail or the specific feature that you are particularly interested in and view that video alone.  The videos are available for viewing on the Colortrac website or they can be downloaded to view them at a later time when most convenient.