Colortrac – Award Winning Wide Format Scanners

Choose from a range of large format scanners and scanning software to suit your requirements, always at the best possible price.

Top of the range SmartLF SG

Winner of the Speciality Graphics Industry Association 2105 scanner of the year for a reason. The SG is a true workhorse. Perfect for speciality applications or if you run a professional bureau or copy shop and don’t know what requirements your clients will have.

SmartLF SG can handle everything:

  • Thick media up to 15mm with quick and easy manual thickness adjustment.
  • Originals up to 46″ wide, with a scan width up to 44″.

With real camera lenses for true deep colours, plus superb accuracy which you can trust, SmartLF SG is perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps, as well as the vibrant, accurate colours needed by graphics professionals.

Everything you could ever need in a scanner.

SmartLF SC Xpress - faster and more accurate

No nonsense. Superb performance at amazing value.

Nominated for the 2016 Wide Format & Signage scanner of the year, SmartLF SC is the perfect choice if you need to scan any wide format technical document. SmartLF SC’s super-fast performance will save you time in your busy office, while the easy to use software makes simple work of even the oldest document.

Nothing can beat the fine lines and sharp detail of the SmartLF SC for technical, architectural and GIS applications.

Available in 25, 36 & 42 inch versions.

SmartLF Scan!

Are you a busy professional, working on numerous projects, needing to keep up? Can you afford to continue taking time out to visit a copy shop and revisiting sites to deliver updated drawings?

Imagine this was unnecessary. Imagine a world where you can bring your scanner on site, mark-up changes then take a copy there and then. Leave the originals with your contractors, letting the project move forward.

SmartLF Scan! is a low-cost, mobile, high-quality A0 (E size) or A1 (D size) scanner that doesn’t even need a PC or any specialist software. It can scan to internal memory, USB, PC, network or the Cloud and comes with its own specially designed, tough carry case.

Designed for technical drawings, you can now have good quality scans where and when you need them.

SmartLF Gx+ T56

Go ‘super-size’ with the SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra-wide format and thick media scanner.

At 56″, you get the widest imaging width of any sheet fed wide format scanner on the market, with superb format flexibility for service providers or users who need to cope with very large, over-size documents.

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