Posted in Articles on June 26th, 2013

Colortac mfp printer

What is a wide format MFP?

Multifunction peripherals (also known in the industry as a multifunction printer or MFP) have been a regular feature in offices over the last few years, offering the functionality of several peripherals in one device. All of these machines have a scanner, printer and a copier. This innovation can now be seen in a wide format multi-function peripheral.

Ideal for people handling CAD or technical drawings, Colortrac’s wide format MFP adds a great copying functionality to your large format printer. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of a wide format MFP and who they are most suitable for.

Who is a wide format MFP suitable for?

Multifunction peripherals are one of the fast growing areas of the wide format scanner industry. They enable anyone with a suitable wide format printer to have an E-size or A0 copier facility.

Copy/print shops can benefit from owning a Colortrac wide format multi-function peripheral. The ability to copy blueprints and other technical drawings can add to their customer base and increase profitability. Architecture and CAD students who don’t own or have regular access to a plotter are another market.

Those who work in facilities management will appreciate the advantages of owning an MFP scanner. Any changes to a buildings layout such as the gas or electricity need to be recorded for both maintenance and legal reasons. A wide format MFP offers the perfect solution for this purpose.

Advantages of wide format MFP

A wide format multi-function peripheral offers several advantages for companies thinking of investing in one of these devices.

Save with MFP scanner

Firstly, there are savings to be made from owning an MFP scanner. Rather than buying several costly devices, you can save with just one. Organisations who own wide format printers can avoid the expense of purchasing separate scanners and copiers with a multi-function device. While you could save money by renting equipment, the savings to be made are wiped out in the long term. A wide format MFP has low running costs which creates significant savings.

Combine MFP scanner with your existing equipment

Users don’t need to get rid of their existing equipment with a wide format MFP, either. Colortrac’s MFP range works with most existing wide format printers, so there is no need to buy expensive new printers.

Scan & print efficiently with SmartWorks

Colortrac’s devices are incredibly easy to use thanks to SmartWorks EZ software. You can scan with a keyboard, mouse or touch screen and save the output to PDF, TIFF or JPEG and even to the “Cloud” if you desire. Anyone can use it; it’s that simple.

SmartWorks Pro Copier software can help save your organisation money by reducing paper wastage. It enables you to create high quality copies, avoiding typical problems such as incorrect size, copying to the middle of the page and copying with missing edges.

You can preview prints before they start and make any changes if needed. It prints while scanning for the highest speed – a great feature to help save you time. Use normal Windows printer drivers, or use the Colortrac dedicated printer drivers that are included in the software to give you great prints whatever wide format printer you own.

For more information regarding wide format MFP and technical support, please contact Colortrac team.