SmartWorks EZ Touch

A simple-to-use  icon based touch screen or mouse/keyboard operated software optimized for the non-specialistSmartWorks EZ Touch software user.


 Program Control Function EZ Touch EZ Touch Plus
Copy to printer
Scan to file
Print from file
Select Document Filter
Adjust Document Filter
Speed Control
Scan to USB Stick
Disable Scan to USB Stick
White Point Adjust
Black Point Adjust
Manual Skew or Deskew
Brightness Adjust
Image Crop
Rotate Image
Sharpen Image
Invert Image
Mirror Image
Black and White Threshold
SmartWorks EZ Touch   Simple-to-use  icon based touch screen or mouse & keyboard operated scanner software
Supported Scanners The following SmartLF scanner models will work with SmartWorks EZ Touch software:
Ci 40, Ci 24, Gx+ 28, Gx+ 42, Gx+ 56, SC 25, SC 36, SC 42, SC 25 Xpress, SC 36 Xpress, SC 42 Xpress, SC mfp
Resolution (dpi) 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi.  For intermediate or extended resolutions above 600dpi the SmartWorks Pro Scan, Scan and Copy or Copier product is required
Summary Included as standard with all SmartLF SC Xpress scanners
SmartWorks EZ Touch is compatible with Gx+ scanners
Simple icon based Touch Screen user interface
Optimized for non-specialist users
Simple Copy, Scan to file, USB stick or e-mail and Print
Upgradeable to Plus version (cost option) or by using SmartWorks Pro Scan & Copy dongle
Color Modes /Controls - 16.7 million RAW RGB color (24-bit)
– 256 RGB adaptive indexed color palette (8-bit)Grayscale
– 256 level grayscale (8-bit)Black & White (1-bit)
– 2D Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT)
– Fixed Threshold Black & White, Paper Size, Resolution and Brightness
Document Type Filters Select the filter type to improve scan / copy quality or clean the background
Color Photo, Color MAP. Color CAD, Color Other
Gray Photo, Gray CAD, Gray Other
BW1 – Simple Dark, BW2 – Simple Light, BW3 – Adaptive Dark, BW4 – Adaptive Light
Scan to File - Select file destination, name & type
– Choose file name pre-fix with automatic date stamp suffix
– Browse to network or USB stick
– Selectable Batch Mode
– Starts automatically when document loads
– RAW RGB non-profiled data
Scan to Email Select attachment file format
Uses your installed e-mail client
Copy Select Windows Printer & configure
Select number of copies
Profiled sRGB data is sent to printer
Print Re-load, edit and reprint past scans to any Windows printer (supports jpeg and tiff)
EZ Touch Setup Scanner connection
Scanner speed
Choose from ISO, ANSI or ARCH paper size standards
Select file destination folder
EZ Touch Reset Resets all configurations in a single action
Individually configurable and resettable document type filters (more available in the SmartWorks Touch Plus version)
Supported File Formats TIFF – black and white, grayscale or color, no compression
TIFFG4 – black and white, lossless, fixed compression
JPEG – grayscale or color, lossy, fixed compression
PDF – black and white, grayscale or color, lossy, fixed compression
PNG – grayscale or color, lossless fixed compression
Scan length limit Scans can be made in any of the available file formats up to a maximum length of 96 inches (2438mm)
Copy length limit Copies can be made to most Windows printers via the manufacturer’s Windows printer driver up to a maximum length of 96 inches (2438mm).  The paper size is set automatically by SmartWorks EZ Touch and does not need to be configured by the operator.
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
System Compatibility Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista. Intended for touch and non-touch monitors 800 dpi height resolution or higher. Full-time, full screen application automatically adjusts touch controls for different screen sizes. Product relies on Windows or 3rd party touch driver. Supports touch gestures e.g. finger rotate under Windows 8 and Windows 7. Requires external touch drivers for Windows Vista. Gestures are not supported under Windows Vista. SmartLF SC operates as a USB2 connected scanner for Windows XP. This is a limitation of the XP operating system. SmartLF SC operates as a USB2 connected scanner for Windows XP. On first-use some icons and Windows may not size correctly. These are limitations of the XP operating system.
 Notes 1. Only one scan application or scanner utility program can be operated with SmartLF scanners at the same time
2. See System Requirements for more information on XP, USB3 and computer specifications
3. Editing of black & white images loaded from the Print tab function not supported

Features of the standard version

  • SmartWorks EZ Touch extends the functionality of the earlier SmartWorks EZ product and now provides the operator with a much larger low-resolution image of the original in a new window.  The basic version of SmartWorks EZ Touch allows live brightness changes to be made to Preview image as well as live selection of related Document Type filters. Pressing the green button in the Scan, Copy or Print edit window applies these changes in the scan, copy or printed output.
  • SmartWorks EZ Touch Print function allows the operator to reload previous scan files in TIFF and JPEG formats and then edit them (range of edit commands depends on licence) before printing using the Windows printer interface.
  • SmartWorks EZ Touch can be upgraded to EZ Touch Plus (Plus version includes a USB dongle licence key).  EZ Touch Plus adds black point, white point,  deskew, rotate, sharpen, invert and mirror.

Users can:

  • apply any 1 of 11 different Document Types or pre-set document filters
  • choose to apply the filter before the scan operation starts or see the effect of applying it to the scan afterwards in the editing/viewing window
  • directly adjust the brightness of a scan, a copy or a previous scan file (print function)

IMPORTANT NOTE.  In the basic version of SmartWorks EZ Touch the intensity and choice of filters used in the Document Types cannot be adjusted.

  • turn off the program’s in-built option to save scans to a USB

The  editing controls in the basic version are:

  • Brightness
  • Crop

The  user controls in the basic version are:

  • Document Type
  • Scan or Copy resolution
  • Scan to File or Email
  • Select manual original size or autosize
  • Scanner speed
  • Batch scanning on/off