All new SmartLF SC Series scanners from 2013 on are supplied with a ready-to-use ISIS driver as part of their basic scanner software delivery.  Certified and manufactured by EMC Captiva the developer, specifier and regulator of the ISIS standard, this new driver is supplied with a 2-year support and correction warranty from EMC themselves.  The driver will work with SC 25, SC 36 and SC 42 models of SmartLF scanner.

Why ISIS ?

An ISIS Certified scanner driver unlike a TWAIN scanner driver is rigorously tested to ensure that the standards and specification used in the driver are the same as those used by the ISIS layer in the customer’s scanning software.   This means that we are as sure as we can be that the SmartLF SC will perform as you expect it to, whichever ISIS compliant software you wish to use it with. ISIS – Image and Scanner Interface Specification.

Why not import files ?

ISIS is an already well-established standard interface for capturing office documents using small format scanners in electronic document management (EDM) and electronic document capture (EDC) applications. Colortrac first developed its unique ISIS driver back in 2004 to give EDM users a quick and easy route to working with large format scanners and over 300 imaging applications now support the ISIS standard via the familiar scan interface.  With the SmartLF ISIS driver users can access a large format scanner directly from their software instead of learning and using an external program and then importing the images.  A big time-saver! No importing of images also means the user has no file format considerations to be concerned about either.

“A SmartLf scanner with ISIS will immediately increase your productivity in wide format document capture.

If you already use ISIS in an EDM/EDC program, you already know how to scan with a SmartLF large format scanner. Our ISIS driver will get you productively scanning large format drawings into your preferred application, the one you already own and use in no time at all.

A SmartLF ISIS-driven scanner is the best way for EDM operators to move up to large format document capture. Our ISIS driver simplifies the capture process and assists in transforming your scanned data into business-ready digital content. ISIS reduces operating costs, increases data accuracy and accelerates business processes. By simplifying the capture process of critical data, ISIS allows enterprise applications to process greater volumes of higher quality digital content faster and more reliably than any other method.

ISIS – ensuring you, your EDM software and our scanner work in harmony!

SmartWorks ISIS  Driver v1.1.1.3 for SmartLF SC Series
Color Mode RGB 24-bit color , 256-level grayscale and black and white
Scan Resolution 200,300,400,600 dpi
Document Type Filters None in the driver but often present in the host ISIS application
Paper Sizes A0,A1,A2,A4,B1,ANSI E,ANSI D, ANSI C, ANSI B, ANSI A, ARCH A, ARCH B, ARCH C, ARCH D, ARCH E, Legal, Letter, Custom
Document Autosize Detection Yes, select inside driver
Presets Configure presets for common scan parameters
Brightness Control Yes
Gamma Control Yes
Black and White point during scan Yes
Media Handling/ Speed control Yes
Hopper Empty/ Paper Loading timer Yes
Portrait / Landscape Yes
Black & White Thresholding Simple thresholding via brightness control set before scan starts (no adaptive thresholding, no interactive thresholding)
Languages English only
System Compatibility See System Requirements for more information on XP, USB3 and computer specifications
Operating Systems Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems
Cloud Support Yes, if the host application can be configured to save to a local drive with cloud drive synchronisation such as Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or a similar product.  Most Windows applications support this. Alternatively the EDM/EDC application may have its own internal support for cloud working.
 Notes 1. SmartLF scanners can only connect to a single application or scanner utility program at a time.
2. The ISIS driver is not able to save to file or the cloud independently of its host application.

Windows SmartLF ISIS Driver Features

  • Supports all major ISIS compatible software
  • Simple to install – it’s supplied on the SmartLF system CD
  • Eases the transition from small to large format scanning
  • Works with your existing ISIS-compliant EDM/EDC application
  • Removes or minimises re-training at existing ISIS user sites
  • ISIS certification guarantees product quality and productivity
  • ISIS products are tested for compliance, unlike TWAIN
  • ISIS certification guarantees fast and reliable data transmission
  • High quality scans in color, grayscale and black & white
  • ISIS support for Colortrac SmartLF SC Series backed by EMC for 2 years

The ISIS driver does not include color adjustment or document clean-up tools and relies on your host ISIS compatible imaging application for these functions.