Sharp and accurate – with superb color

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 is perfect for capturing sharply defined detail in your BIG technical projects and maps  as well as vibrant, accurate colors for your BIG graphics projects.

SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra large scanners have all the advantages of CCD technology’s superior color imaging – the ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colors) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) – combined with 600 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any extra wide CCD scanner. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colors for graphics professionals as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.

SmartLF Gx+ T56 scanners use an Advanced 2+3 wheel-drive Active Paper Transport (APT) system that maintains accurate document positioning as the document passes through the scanner. Combined with bright white bi-directional LED illumination, APT means that even folded documents scan accurately and shadow free.

Images are scanned using 48-bits (color) or 16-bits (monochrome), with the best 24 and 8-bits selected as image data respectively.

All the benefits of CCD – without the downsides

Traditional CCD scanners have superior color imaging but are disadvantaged by their fluorescent lighting systems. By using white LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes, the SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra-large scanner is able to maximize the benefits of CCD while saving time and energy.

No warm up, no waiting

While a fluorescently lit scanner can be used within five minutes of switching on, you need to let it warm up for about an hour in order for the tubes to reach their optimum light intensity and for the tube temperature to reach equilibrium. If you do not do this, color and stitch inaccuracies may result.

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra wide scanner’s white LED illumination produces high quality color, just like fluorescent illumination. However, because LEDs operate with a stable light spectrum from switch on (cold) through hours of use (warm), you do not have to wait for them to warm up before you can use the scanner to best effect. Simply turn it on and scan!

Significant power saving

LED instant-on illumination means that no warm-up period is needed and the Gx+ T56 can be left switched off most of the time and only turned when required.

Light for life

While you would normally expect to replace fluorescent tubes every year or two, LEDs are long life. Unlike fluorescent tubes, which stay on the whole time the scanner is switched on, LEDs only come on during the actual scanning process. They have an estimated working life of 50,000 hours which equates to six years of constant 24/7 scanning!

Less calibration

Fluorescently lit scanners require more frequent calibration because the tubes age and change characteristics over their life. LEDs maintain consistent output.

No mercury

Unlike fluorescent tubes LEDs do not contain mercury, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

More cameras – more accuracy

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra large scanner has eight CCDs across the scan width to minimize geometric distortion, more than any other similarly sized scanner.

Traditional CCD scanners are prone to stitch and accuracy issues caused by sensor misalignment. These are minimized in the SmartLF Gx+ T56 by housing the eight CCDs within a rigid monocoque camera chassis.

High productivity

Fast scanning speed

All SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra-large models scan monochrome at 9 inches per second (200 dpi). If you need high volume color scanning, choose the express color e model which scans color at 3 inches per second (200 dpi).

Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 large format scanner is networkable – it has a Gigabit Ethernet connection as well as a USB2 connection. Gigabit Ethernet transmits data between the scanner and the PC faster than USB2. It also allows you to place the scanner further from the host PC or network socket than USB2.

“Scan-it-once” philosophy

NEW SmartWorks TOUCH software included free in the box heralds a new level of thinking in the way Colortrac builds software.  Dial up the document type description that most closely matches your original and the software will do the rest.

If you require more flexibility and more choice about how you scan then SmartWorks Pro with the original, scan-once technology has it in abundance. With the SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra wide scanner and SmartWorks Pro SCAN software the user can scan, threshold and perform many other image operations on the scan from just one scan.  Scan-it-once technology gives you a huge workflow advantage. You can perform quality assurance and adjustments in-line, “right-first-time”, instead of needing to re-scan quality control failures off-line after batch scanning is completed.

An additional advantage of scan-it-once technology is that it minimizes document movement (and possible wear) through the scanner and document skew caused by back and forth “checking”.

Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT)

IAT allows you to create better quality scans of dirty documents more quickly. The free SmartWorks TOUCH and SmartWorks Pro software (not included with the scanner) has comprehensive IAT that you can set in real time using slider bars.

Preserves delicate originals

The SmartLF Gx+ T56’s Advanced Active Paper Transport looks after your documents.

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra large scanner’s Advanced Active Paper Transport (APT) applies the minimum force necessary for preserving delicate originals, while achieving the required traction and accuracy to ensure images are sharp and shadow free.

We have even managed to feed newspaper through the SmartLF Gx+ T56 wide format scanner without using a document carrier sheet – you can’t say that about many large format scanners!

Easy to use

Easy, competent included software

The supplied SmartWorks TOUCH software is designed for operation by non-specialist users and is very simple to use while providing all the basic scan to file and scan to copy functionality you need.

Simple scanner interface

You can access all main functions from a simple to use control panel on the scanner, which includes buttons for Scan, Copy, Stop, Rewind and Forward.

Plug ‘n’ Play USB2 Interface

Simply plug the scanner into your PC and use it.

Low maintenance

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra-large scanner requires minimal service and calibration. The utility software included with it provides you with all the maintenance applications you need to keep your large format scanner in prime condition and up-to-date with the latest firmware and drivers. The scan glass is held down by magnets for quick and easy removal or replacement and there is easy access to the SmartLF Gx+ T56’s paper feed for cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra wide scanner is RoHS compliant; energy efficient (it has earned the ENERGY STAR®); does not use consumable fluorescent lamps which contain mercury; uses recycle friendly components; and is optimized for quiet operation.


The SmartLF Gx+ T56 is available in three models: m (monochrome), c (color) and e (express color).

If your initial requirement is for a monochrome wide format scanner only, you can buy a monochrome scanner now and upgrade to color if and when you need it. If your initial requirement is for infrequent color scanning, you can buy a color wide format scanner now and upgrade to a faster express color model should your color scanning volume increase.

You can upgrade your scanner quickly and easily, by email. There is no need for you to return the scanner to us or for a service engineer to call.

Gx+ T56m Gx+ T56c Gx+ T56e
Upgradeable m ➔ c
m ➔ e
c ➔ e N/A
Optical Resolution 600dpi 600dpi 600dpi
Software Scan Resolution 100 to 600 dpi with SmartWorks TOUCH; up to 9600 dpi (interpolated) with SmartWorks Pro
Max Scan Width 56in (142.3cm) 56in (142.3cm) 56in (142.3cm)
Max Media Width 61.8in (157cm) 61.8in (157cm) 61.8in (157cm)
Max Media Thickness 0.8in (20mm) 0.8in (20mm) 0.8in (20mm)
Accuracy +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel
Imaging Technology 8 x CCD 8 x CCD 8 x CCD
Data Capture (color/grayscale) 16-bit 48-bit/16-bit 48-bit/16-bit
Color Space N/A sRGB using SmartWorks TOUCH
Adobe RGB, Profiled RGB and raw RGB from scanner with optional SmartWorks Pro
sRGB using SmartWorks TOUCH
Adobe RGB, Profiled RGB and raw RGB from scanner with optional SmartWorks Pro
Scan Speed 1-bit mono (in/sec) @200dpi 9.00 9.00 9.00
Scan Speed 8-bit grayscale (in/sec) @200dpi 9.00 9.00 9.00
Scan Speed 24-bit color (in/sec) @200dpi N/A 1.50 3.0
Paper Path Face-down, front entry, rear exit
Interface High Speed USB 2.0/Gigabit Ethernet network-ready
Power Requirements External power supply 100~240VAC auto-sensing +/-10%, 50-60Hz Scanner
power consumption: 72Wh (scanning) / 5.7Wh (standby)
Operating conditions 10oC – 35oC, 35% – 80% Relative Humidity non-condensing
Weight & Dimensions (WxHxD) 126 lbs (57 kg) 72.5in x 7.0in x 14.6in (184 x 18 x 37 cm)
Host Platform Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista – 32-bit and 64-bit architectures
Certifications CB, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS compliant
Included Software SmartWorks TOUCH
Simple-to-use software for scanning, copying and printing. Intuitive interface designed for touch screens or mouse and keyboard
operation. Select the mode, choose the document type closest to the original and press go. All document types can be individually
MTIFF, PCX, BMP. Batch scanning, full preview and all Windows driven printers supported.
Optional Software SmartWorks Pro – SCAN and SCAN & COPY software – industry leading, professional scanning and color-copying software
Accessories Floor Stand, Paper Catch Basket, PC and Monitor Mounting Kit (floor stand required)
Notes 1.The SmartLF Gx+ T56 scanner and SmartWorks Pro software when used to scan at 9600dpi in any colour mode to a TIFF uncompressed file format is restricted to a scan width of 40mm (1.5”) and scan length not exceeding 160mm (6.3”). Scanning larger widths at 9600 dpi or scanning to other file formats is not possible.
  • 56in image width – perfect for scanning oversize and landscape A0/E-size
  • Ethernet and USB2 interface: maintain high speed at high dpi – get more done
  • Includes SmartWorks TOUCH SCAN/COPY/EMAIL software
  • CCD technology with extra long-life, instant-on, unique bi-directional LED illumination
  • High density 48-bit color graphics and 16-bit monochrome data capture
  • Reliable paper feed from advanced 2+4 all-wheel-drive
  • Scans media up to 0.8in (20mm) – suits ALL graphics & technical documents
  • Low maintenance costs with easy USB2 connectivity
  • SmartWorks Pro SCAN & COPY software – industry leading, professional scanning and color-copying software
  • SmartWorks Pro SCAN software – industry leading, professional scanning software
  • ISIS interface driver giving EDM/EDC capability (non-EMC certified)

Floor Stand

SmartLF Gx+56 large format scanner floor stand

Minimizes the installed footprint of your wide format scanner and positions the document feed at a comfortable and convenient height.  A basket catches scanned documents as they are ejected from the scanner and collects them at the back of the scanner for recovery later.




Floor Stand with Optional Add-on Kit*

SmartLF Gx+56 stand with PC Add-on kit

PC and LCD flat screen mounting option combines wide format scanner and computer into a self-contained scan processing station that can be moved around an office as required.  The PC and flat screen mounting kit requires the floor stand (see above).

*Note: the PC, LCD flat screen, keyboard and mouse are not included.

Document Carrier Sheets

Packed in tubes of 5 sheets.

Available in ARCH D / A1 and ARCH E / A0 sizes, with black or white backing sheet. Hinged on the short side.

  • Scan and protect dry, ageing and/or valuable documents.
  • Protect the scanner glass from documents contaminated with storage dirt and dust.
  • Scan badly torn documents or documents with missing edges.
  • Scan multiple lightweight and/or odd shaped originals & upholstery patterns.
  • Scan transparencies more effectively.
  • White backing sheet improves light reflection and scan quality.
  • Black backing sheet prevents the back side image appearing underneath the image of the front side when scanning newspapers, double-sided maps and other semi-transparent originals printed on both sides.


Reliability of  Auto-Size Finder (ASF) function

The reliability of the Auto-Size Finder (ASF) function embedded in Colortrac SmartLF scanners is dependent on a number of factors.  In no particular order these include:

  • Scanner Stitch
  • Scanner Calibration (sometimes referred to as Normalization)
  • Contrast of the original compared to the media hold-up / hold-down roller
  • Type, thickness & flexibility of the original media (paper, film etc)
  • Age / wear & tear of the media hold-up / hold-down roller
  • Contamination by dirt and dust in the media path of the scanner – on the scan glass and/or on the media hold-up / hold-down roller
  • Scratches on the scan glass on the imaging line
  • Skew of the original during load and staging in the scanner
  • Side or centre feed in the scanner
  • Ambient lighting, temperature and relative humidity of the scanning environment

Colortrac R&D qualify the scanner design and ASF using as many different size originals as is practical.  The minimum width is 200mm (8inches), maximum width is up to the maximum imaging width of the scanner range being developed, with as many different media types/colours as possible.  Tests are conducted at 21C +/-2C, 50% +/- 5% RH in a normal office lighting environment.

Each original document in the test set is loaded and staged a minimum of 4 times and sized correctly on a new, unused scanner.  The overall criteria used to qualify the scanner / ASF design is that the edges are detected so that no more than 1mm of original is clipped and no more than 4mm of hold down roller is visible on each side. This measurement is taken at 15mm from the top of the image.

Colortrac makes no warranty and accepts no liability for any loss or damages arising from the use or reliability of the ASF function.  If the user finds that the combination of scanner, original media, scanner age, environmental and other conditions above prevent a reasonably reliable ASF function, then the document size should be selected from the standard sizes offered by the software or custom sizes specified depending on the requirements of the job and variation in media sizes being scanned.